Bubble Tea Reusable Cup Double-wall insulated.



  • Australia’s First 100% Plastic-free Bubble Tea Reusable Cup perfect for Smoothie and drinks.
  • Double wall insulated to keep drinks cooler for longer.
  • Well built, designed to last.
  • Plastic-free, Ecological Bamboo Lid -replaceable lid (end of life).
  • 12 mm. diameter Stainless Steel Straw.
  • Comes with Natural-fiber cleaning brush.
  • 450 ml. fluid capacity.
  • Dishwasher safe. (hand wash recommended for bamboo lid).
  • Fits in the cup-holder of cars.
  • Plastic-free packaging.

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Australia’s first 100% plastic-free Bubble Tea Reusable Cup, perfect for smoothies as well.

Double-wall insulated, this Bubble Tea Reusable Cup has ecological bamboo lid (and not plastic) and a wider diameter stainless steel straw making it perfect for Smoothies as well.

Majority of the reusable Bubble Tea Reusable Cups available in the market have a plastic-base under their lid, taking away the whole idea of being a plastic-free takeaway cup.

At Let’s go Nature’al, we design and create products that are truly sustainable and not just a tick on the box.  Products that last a long-time, ethically made & sustainably sourced.

Disposable drinking cups along with other takeaway containers are one of the worst single use plastic polluters in the world. Used for few minutes, discarded, rarely recycled and end up in landfill or our waterways.

Plastic is not just adversely impacting the environment, but at every stage of its lifecycle, plastic poses distinct risks to human health, arising from both exposure to plastic particles themselves and associated chemicals.

Studies have proven that plastic leaches harmful toxic chemicals into our foods and drinks as well.

The solution to plastic problem is switching to good quality reusables, that are good for us and the planet.

Make the change today, bring your own Bubble Tea Reusable Cup and avoid single use disposable plastic! BYO is a bit of effort from our side but when you look at the positive impact it leaves on the environment, makes it worth it in the end. Developing habits takes a bit of time and effort, just keep going.

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Double-wall Insulated Cup (to keep your drinks cooler for longer) with ecological Bamboo lid and wider diameter reusable Stainless Steel Straw (12mm diameter), comes in a recyclable paper box packaging.

It’s better to save and buy something that would last!



Additional information

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Truly Plastic-free

Majority of the reusable cups available in the market have a plastic base under their lid and it's a well known fact now that plastic leaches harmful chemicals into the food or drinks it stay in contact with. We created a Lid that is truly ecological and plastic-free, made from sustainable and anti-bacterial bamboo.

Double-wall insulated

Our Reusable Drinking Cup has a double wall insulated cup body to keep your drinks cooler for longer.

Replaceable Bamboo Lid

This Bamboo lid would last a long time and one can buy a replacement lid for the cup, instead of throwing it away as our cup is made to last a lifetime.