Compostable Platters, Rectangle 10pack


  • Compostable Platters made from naturally fallen leaves of Areca Palm.
  • 100% Natural & Compostable.
  • Suitable for hot & cold foods. Fine to go into fridge & freezer as well.
  • Home & backyard compostable.
  • Does not go soggy or flimsy like paper or sugarcane tableware.
  • Plastic-free & BPA free.
  • Made from sustainable resource.
  • Ethically made: creates rural employment opportunities & empowers women in these communities.
  • Dimension: 9/6″ Rectangle platter/tray.
  • Pack size: 10
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Compostable Platters made from naturally fallen leaves of Areca Palm tree also known as Betel-nut palm.

Made simply using heat & water, these compostable platters are suitable for hot & cold foods, fine to go into fridge & freezer as well. Available in different shapes and sizes, our Areca Palm Leaf Tableware is 100% natural and compostable at home and does not require any industrial or commercial composting.

These compostable platters are not Plant-based Plastics (PLA) and do not have any harmful synthetic toxic glues, binding agents or sealants.

Perfect for all events and occasions, each piece of our Leaf Tableware is unique and different to another with it’s own natural colour, texture and hue. Use these compostable platters for BBQ, picnic, get-togethers, weddings and more. End of life, simply return them back to nature.

Single use plastic tableware along with other disposable plastic products are one of the worst polluters in the world. Used for a few minutes, discarded they end up in landfill or our waterways as it is hard to recycle them for various reasons.

Globally, less then 9% of the plastic gets recycled.

Plastic adversely impacts all of us and not just the environment- birds and animals, us humans too.

If you would like to know more about the Eco-Palm Leaf Tableware then visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section here.

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