Copper Dry Soap


Copper Dry Soap- sanitise naturally-chemical free.

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Copper Dry Soap– add a touch of Copper to kill harmful bacteria and virus spread by surface.

Why use Copper?

Copper has been known to be naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces, and the term “contact killing” has been coined for this process.  This property of copper was already known in ancient times that’s why copper has been highly regarded by all previous civilizations and used for surgeries as well. In several clinical studies, copper has been evaluated for use on touch surfaces, such as door handles, bathroom fixtures, or bed rails, in attempts to curb nosocomial infections.

The antimicrobial activity of copper and copper alloys is now well established, and copper has recently been registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material.

Copper – the first metal humans came in contact with thousands of years back and with time realised it’s numerous health benefits. Highly recommended in Ayurveda and by traditional health practitioners, copper became an indispensable part of human life and till today unknowingly we use copper in some or the other form.

Our Copper Dry Soap is made from pure copper, has no lead or impurities. We recommend to keep a Copper Dry Soap in your bag or pocket and simply rub your hands on it to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses. We recommend to use Copper Dry Soap as a supplement to regular hand-washing and disinfection practices.

Unlike coatings or other materials treatments, the antibacterial efficacy of copper metals won’t wear away. They are solid through-and-through and are effective even when scratched. They offer long-term protection; whereas, antimicrobial coatings are fragile, and can deteriorate or and wear off after time.

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PLEASE NOTE: We recommend to use Copper Dry Soap as a supplement to regular hand-washing and disinfection practices. We recommend to follow protocols in place for prevention of viruses and for well-being.

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