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Tea Strainer Straw, an easy option to have Loose Tea without Tea Bags

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Tea, has a rich history across the whole world and no doubt is one of the most popular drink, being a part of people’s culture and habit. Tea finds it’s origin in China but now would be hard to find a country that does not relish this drink.

Some people drink tea (specially green teas and herbal teas) for health benefits but majority to freshen up as well as to serve and entertain guest.

Every country, every culture and region has it’s own special tea and a special way of making that tea. Some just boil the loose tea leaves while others steep the tea bags traditionally made from silk, muslin and even paper. Tea strainers, tea presses, filtered tea pots and bottles are a good option too to make tea without tea bags.

Leftover Tea is a good source of organic matter for the plants which can be composted easily.

With the advent of plastic and it’s version polypropylene, commercial tea companies started using them in tea bags. But unfortunately plastic does not go away, it just breaks down into micro plastic which is even worst as it is ending up in our food chain and consumed by animals and birds.

So the question is, ” Are Tea Bags compostable?” yes, they are but always check with the brands and tea processors as some tea bags may have polypropylene.

Tea Strainer Straw is a simple, cheap (under $5.00) way to enjoy your favourite tea without the fuss of a tea bag or any other complex process. Just steep your favourite tea leaves in hot boiling water for a few minutes to extract the goodness and once the temperature is optimum (make sure it’s not too hot) use the straw to sip your favourite tea.