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Why Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush is better than other Bamboo Toothbrushes in the market?

With so many bamboo toothbrush available in the market nowadays, it is extremely difficult for customers to decide on the best bamboo toothbrush brand to buy and support.

Are all bamboo toothbrushes the same,  and or it doesn’t matter which one you buy as long as you are not buying a plastic toothbrush!

Isn’t a bamboo toothbrush better than a plastic toothbrush?

Well, the answer is yes. A bamboo toothbrush is much better than a plastic toothbrush as plastic does not go away, it stays forever. Majority of plastic does not get recycled and ends up in landfill or waterways where it keeps on polluting till time eternal.

As we move on in our sustainability journey and urge the need to perfect our decisions and reduce our negative footprint on this planet, and we further deep dive  into what goes into the making of our products, where they are sourced, who makes our products, what happens end of life- we start looking for brands that do the right thing for the people and planet.

Let’s take bamboo toothbrushes for example. As we go in detail, we should ask about the source of bamboo used in the making of  toothbrush. What are the bristles made of in a bamboo toothbrush? How to discard a bamboo toothbrush? Can a bamboo toothbrush be composted?

On personal level as we moved further in our plastic-free journey and urged the need to find a better bamboo toothbrush, found the market to be full of lies and “Green-Washing”. Claims like bio-degradable toothbrush, compostable toothbrush, natural toothbrush are  used without any backing of truth.

During our research, we came across this brand- “Brush with Bamboo”. Brush with Bamboo is an industry veteran and they swere the first one to start  making bamboo toothbrushes in 2011 with world’s first partial plant based bristles. Since then every generation of Brush with Bamboo has been better than previous one.

In 2020, they unveiled world’s first 100% plant-based bristle toothbrush made from castor-bean oil base.  No fossil fuel is used in the making of this toothbrush. But they cannot claim at this stage that their bristles are home & backyard compostable as it would take longer than the stipulated time frame needed for the certification. What they assure is that the bristles when breakdown, would not leave any toxins behind as nothing that like that has been used in the making of these bristles.

So how is Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush better than other bamboo toothbrushes available in the market?

More than the product it is important to know the people behind the brand and how honest & trustworthy they are. BWB has always remained clear and straight forward right from the very start as what it is and what it does and doesn’t. Even when they had world’s first partial plant based bristles with 60% castor bean oil base and 0.1ounce of nylon, they never concealed this fact and always said it is only a step forward. They never claimed that their bristles are compostable when the market has been full of brands making false claims on their plastic/nylon bristles.

And, actions speak louder than words. Simple things like the packaging of Brush with Bamboo toothbrush uses no glue and the boxes have been put together like origami show the due diligence and effort taken by the team behind.

We believe by supporting brands like “Brush with Bamboo” with our purchase not only we show our support but always going to promote a culture where sustainability and respect for environment is of outmost importance and not just a money making gig.

This is my thought, but would love to know your feedback and discuss further in this context. Leave your comments below- Thanks